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Benjamin Joffe
2 min readMar 23, 2021

Clubs have boomed now that anyone can open one. One benefit has been to provide a home to the many rooms that were happening regularly but lacked visibility.

We listed below some clubs of interest if, like us at SOSV, you are into Synthetic Biology (with IndieBio), Hard Tech (with HAX) or Asia (with Chinaccelerator and MOX). Suggestions are welcome!


Synthetic Biology by SynBioBeta
Multiple events every week, including every Wednesday.
Synthetic Biology Breaking News w/ John Cumbers (founder of SynBioBeta, and Forbes contributor) & others.

Biotech investing with IndieBio by SOSV
A new topic each week, hosted by the IndieBio team.
Every Thursday.

a16z Bio
The firm has been ramping up its bio-related efforts with a podcast and now a bio club! The club features conference quality speakers and discussions.

Biotech Clubhouse
Every Sunday 1pm PST + other occasional events. Covers pharma too.

Food Tech

Food+Tech Connect
By AgFunder (media / investor) and Foot+Tech Connect
They recently will be hosting Po Bronson (GP at SOSV / MD @ IndieBio) and Arvind Gupta (IndieBio founder, Venture Partner at SOSV and now Partner at Mayfield) to talk about their new book ‘Decoding the World’ (with synbio of course).

Hard Tech

The Builders
A club for people hosting the hardest problems.

Hardware is Hard
A room hosted by Joe Patitucci (ID: natureofnow) and others every Tuesday at 2pm PST in the Startup Club. Startup Club is one of the largest (300k+) clubs on CH so rooms are often well attended. The room might be renamed ‘Hardware doesn’t have to be that hard’ soon :)

Climate Tech

Lots of startups and VCs seem to be in the climate tech business these days. Some clubs have also appeared, such as Climate Tech Europe (Fri, 13:30 CET) and Bye Fossil Fuels by Contrarian Ventures (Mon, 9am PST / 6pm CET).


South East Asia Tech Club
VCs and startups talk about SEA tech.

China Speed
Thursdays: doing business in China

Inside Asia
Asia tech news commentary in English. With long-time experts including

, and more.

Other clubs we like

Press Club
By SignalFire VC and former Techcrunch editor

(ID: joshconstine). Journalists and experts discuss tech news every Thursday 6pm PT. Josh is part of ‘Clubhouse royalty’ with 3.3M followers and recently had the CEOs of Facebook, Spotify and Shopify together on his show to discuss the creator economy. The NFT commemorative portrait got auctioned for over $60k!

Talk Nerdy To Me
Talk Nerdy To Me is Clubhouse’s Home for the Curious.”



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