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We’re about to release our annual report on ‘Deep Tech Trends’, and taking the show on the road!

Those events are for investors (+ some of our portfolio startups).

  • NYC — Sept 24 (morning) — already 100 RSVPs
  • Boston — Sept 25 (morning) — 52 RSVPs
  • NYC — Sept 25 (evening) at the Hardwired Meetup organized by FirstMark
  • Paris — Oct 2 (morning) — 52 RSVPs
  • London — Oct 3 (morning) — already 101 RSVPs
  • Berlin — Oct 8 (morning) — Just opened!
  • Munich — Oct 9 (morning) — Just opened!

Looking forward to see you there, or read your comments once the report is published!

Partner @ SOSV — $700m VC fund for Deep Tech (biology, robotics, etc.) | Digital Naturalist | Keynote Speaker | Angel Investor

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