The world is divided into two kinds of hardware startups…

Dividing The World of Hardware Startups

I was in Paris today for the Hardware Workshop, a creation of hardware wise man Marc Barros (@marcbarros).

1. Those who have a PROBLEM, and those who have a SOLUTION

In other words, are you starting from needs (anywhere there is a complain) or technology? Fresh grads often start from tech, while industry vets start from needs.

2. Those who like ART, and those who like BUSINESS

If I was telling you (and proving) “Your team is great; you could build the perfect solution for cow manure treatment. It’s a multi-trillion market!” would you take the advice?

3. Those who do something BETTER, and those who do something DIFFERENT

Building a new segment in a (big) existing market is much easier than building an entirely new market. In the first case it’s all about switching costs and having a competitive advantage. In the second it’s about user education.

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