Extra points for blind pivots.

How to Pivot Your Passion

How many times have we heard “find your passion”, “follow your passion”, “you need to have passion”. In the world of entrepreneurs, if I had a euro every time I heard this (along with “hardware is hard”) I’d pay back the Greek debt before they default.

1. What is Passion?

“Passion” is one of those “semantic prisons which do not permit us to think straight” (from Aldous Huxley, The Human Situation).

2. Sources of passion

Looking for the root cause, we can wonder: what brings renewed enthusiasm? Some would say a mission or deeper meaning (a la Viktor Frankl).

3. Pivot and Passion (can) go hand in hand

Under this light, an entrepreneur can start from either a desire for autonomy, an interest in a technology, a wish to get paid/made/laid (h/t @davemcclure), and sometimes a sense of mission regarding a problem of the world.

4. What matters most?

Passion can run out if business/progress slows down or stalls for too long.

Partner @ SOSV — $700m VC fund for Deep Tech (biology, robotics, etc.) | Digital Naturalist | Keynote Speaker | Angel Investor

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