What “hardware” is to most people

Let’s talk about hardware

I’ve met hundreds of people doing hardware over the past few weeks. It’s not the first time. But this time, I’ll actually write some down without having to either do a keynote or write a Techcrunch column.

Notable HAX events

HAX 4 grad Next Thing Co just launched a $9 computer. It looks like a joke with their banana thing, but it already clocked over $250,000 on Kickstarter in less than 2 days.

Our “Hardware Trends” report is nearing 120,000 views.

Notable hardware news

Xiaomi is releasing product after product. Mostly via OEMs in which they invest and support for distribution. They plan to launch 100 products. Anything that does not have strong science / software is a likely target for “Xiaomization”. It already offers a dozen products from action cameras to connected scales. When we look at a startup, we think “could Xiaomi do it”?

Smart watches, smart bands, drones and 3D printers are a commodity. At least the “first generation”. They were everywhere at the latest consumer electronics show in Hong Kong. Prices are falling, and so are margins. It does not seem to be worthy as a startup unless you can do something 10x better than what’s already out there, and it’s hard!

Hardware communities are growing. NYC, SF, Paris, London, Tel Aviv… Korea seems to be booming. China has tons of companies but too many me-too ones. We are waiting for Japan, Taiwan and a few others places to grow.

More news after demo day, Makercon, Maker Faire and a few other events!

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