We’ll live with robots in 2020

The Future Factory: My Life in 2020

Note: this was inspired by @Loic’s deck “My Life in 2030”. Check it out!

My life in 2020

I wake up refreshed, my old Kokoon headphones are holding well: they are not only “sleepable” but also time perfectly my wake-up music thanks to their EEG sensors. I always feel out of this world with their noise cancellation, white noise and sleep-inducing audio. I am really curious about their new version that uses low currents to induce dreams and activate parts of the brain for increased memory.


Arduboy, Electroloom and Kokoon are currently on Kickstarter.
Others coming soon!

Partner @ SOSV — $700m VC fund for Deep Tech (biology, robotics, etc.) | Digital Naturalist | Keynote Speaker | Angel Investor

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