We’ll live with robots in 2020

The Future Factory: My Life in 2020

Note: this was inspired by @Loic’s deck “My Life in 2030”. Check it out!

How far are we from the future? Here is what your life might soon look like using some of the innovations that came out of the HAX hardware accelerator recently. If you want to be part of history, get some today on Kickstarter!

My life in 2020

As usual, I test my blood as I wake up- my glucose and cholesterol have been stable but I always worry about early signs of Alzheimer as my family has some history there. Also, I’d rather treat conditions before they appear. My BBB device now tracks 20 markers. I haven’t subscribed to the extra 30 they added- rare conditions and things that don’t seem likely for me. I just test those once a month by paying a bit extra. Also, since I am training for my first marathon I am really curious to see how my diet and training impacts my health.

I roll into the kitchen and my tailor-made vitamins, minerals and protein mix awaits me. I tried several mixes from Miramix and found the best fit.

Time for a run! The new outfit my Electroloom that I printed yesterday is ready- I’m excited about this quick-dry silk formulation for underwear and t-shirts. I stick to my favorite shorts and shoes though. My running has improved lots since I figured I had an unbalance due to a weaker left leg. The FeetMe sports insole picked that immediately, it also found that I switched to a heel strike after 10k so I’ll watch out for that. Those foot pressure maps definitely help tons.

Back from the run I test my blood again before breakfast. It’s surprising how consistent the test results are as long as I eat right.

After showering I look at my skin culture on the Ouro printer. It looks ready for a graft! That will surely help against the sores on my feet. I apply the binding solution first then cover it with the patch. I remember the time where I used wasteful band aids. The graft required me to stop training for a few days to make sure it works but now it’s just a matter of hours.

Breakfast is over. It’s Preemadonna time! I stick my fingers one by one into the latest all-in-one polish-and-art nailbot. I picked a modern style with some colorful tidbits and playful icons. It says so much about me with in so subtle ways! It also saves me tons of time.

With a snap of fingers my Aria closes switches off the lights and AC. I also love how my Flair vents adjusted the room temperature pre- and post-workout, and how my preferences followed me from room to room. I dash out- another flick of fingers and my door is locked remotely. It was only a few years back when you still needed to touch things or screens to control them.

On my way I indulge in a bit of gaming on my third-gen Arduboy. It’s so small and fun and is now profile enough for really sophisticated gaming. I use it as a business card as well, with a scannable code. I heard the founder of the company eventually changed his name to “Arduboy” when he launched the second product which became a massive hit. I made a couple of small games myself for fun but I don’t have much time to code these days. I gave the first one I bought to mynephew and he’s already build some Tetris-like thing himself. Kids start really young with tech these days!

I can’t talk about my work quite yet- let’s just say it involves autonomous low-cost modular robots.

Leaving work I stop by a shop to try out some new outfits. I hadn’t shopped for a while and some of my favs are falling apart. The PicBuy magic mirror in the shop makes it easy to try many things and buy them later. They are everywhere now!

Back home I do another blood test on my GAO. I’m sort of addicted but It’s so fast, cheap and painless that I can’t help it. I’ll do another one before sleeping. I started to notice some patterns when I drink, and I have guests tonight. To prepare I ordered a pack of new capsules for my trusty Bartesian cocktail machine. I also upgraded some of the liquors I was using- I noticed the cocktails tasted a lot better.

Alright, everyone has left and it’s time to sleep.

One quick supplements mix, a last GAO test and I’m ready to let my Kokoon headphones help me slide into wonderful dreamscapes.


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