A wearable camera, circa I don’t know when.

The Internet of Things Doesn’t Need You

Ian Bogost at The Atlantic published a piece titled “The Internet of Things You Don’t Really Need . It’s a long rant against connected devices, with the occasional irony and creative putdown (like “Conspicuous computation” — I sort of liked this wording).

  • Is it new?
  • Why not celebrate?
  • What’s next?

1. Why is There a Discussion?

I believe it’s fueled by the explosion in creativity of connected devices (a “Cambrian Moment” for IOT). Indeed, the question is not anymore “can it be done?” but “is it worthwhile?”.

2. Is it New?

Recently I visited the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris. It’s an industrial design museum founded in 1794 as a “repository for the preservation of scientific instruments and inventions” (source: Wikipedia).

3. Why not celebrate this creative explosion?

There are many reasons to be dissatisfied:

4. What’s Next?

As mentioned above, convergence will likely follow divergence, until the next barrier to creativity comes down.

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